A to turn left and D to turn right

Hold Left-Shift to sprint

Spacebar to jump

and enjoy beating the path-finding AI :)


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omg its so funny game i hope there is another chapters of this i will literally pay 100$ to buy this game *if there is another chapters* and yeah inshallah he will win GJ GG

P.S first try BTW speerunner life boiii

i had so much fun playing

i hope omar the creator make other levels cuz it's kinda funny game and wish u all win the prize 


Very good game I really like it good luck man I hope you win!

P.S. I did it first try btw

P.S.S. Ok maybe second try

P.S.S. Ok fourth try

لعبة رائعة وممتعة. والتحكم جميل، استمر👍🏻

Thank you I hope you enjoyed!

Amazing concept! Just needed a little working on the map design and the character design also.. I love this game.

Thanks ^^